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We believe the demand for beauty must come from the bottom up. If you agree that communities should have the power to make their area more beautiful, please show your support by contacting your local councillor or MP to ask whether they ‘Back Beauty’. 

If you would like to find out more about the campaign, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter (above) to receive regular updates, or get in touch via the details below. If you are getting in touch on behalf of an organisation which is interested in backing our campaign, please contact Duncan Sim at the address below.

Enquiries about ResPublica’s Backing Beauty Commission:

Duncan Sim at

Media enquiries:

Urgent enquiries:

Duncan Sim, Senior Policy and Projects Officer, ResPublica – 07729 769460
Oruj Defoite, Head of Media, ResPublica – 07866 685130
Elliott Mears, Events and Communications Manager, ResPublica – 07775 801726

Please address any written correspondence to:

The Backing Beauty Commission
15 Whitehall
London, SW1A 2DD

ResPublica Contact Details:

020 3857 8310

The Backing Beauty Commission was established by ResPublica, supported by the Woodland Trust and the National Trust.

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