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Ten Ways the Next Government can Back Beauty

15 May 2017

With a General Election scheduled for June 8th, we are calling on the political parties to address the issue of beauty in the campaign, and for the next Government to consider how it can place beauty at the heart of public policymaking.

We have today outlined ten key proposals across a range of policy areas to promote public access to beauty across the country – regardless of location or household income – and unlock the social and economic benefits our research demonstrates are closely linked to the experience of beauty. These suggestions are based on the research we and our partners have conducted over the previous two years, and reflect the UK’s political and policy context going into the election and looking ahead over the next five years.

Policy areas covered by our proposals include housebuilding; planning at a national, local and neighbourhood level; infrastructure development; community rights; and public health.

To see our proposals in full, visit the Campaign section of the website or click this link.