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ResPublica evidence cited in CLG Committee Public Parks Report

11 February 2017

The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Select Committee has today published its report on Public Parks, featuring evidence submitted by ResPublica’s Backing Beauty Commission.

The report found that “parks are at a tipping point and face a period of decline with potentially severe consequences unless their vital contribution to areas such as public health, community integration and climate change mitigation is recognised.” The contribution of parks and other features of the built environment which are considered to be beautiful by local communities to broader social goals has been a key tenet of ResPublica’s research in this area, ever since the publication in July 2015 of our report A Community Right to Beauty. We are therefore delighted to see this thinking recognised and replicated in the Committee’s report.

The report cited polling carried out as part of research for A Community Right to Beauty which linked access to green spaces with improved mental health. It also featured a suggestion made at our July 2016 roundtable discussion on resourcing public realm improvements that private companies who benefit from the environmental or social benefits offered by parks and green spaces should contribute to the financial upkeep of such spaces.

The Committee’s report is available to download from this link. ResPublica’s evidence can be read here.